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Direct Sales is the new wave of making money from home! Through direct sales companies and having home parties, women and men all across the United States (& beyond) are earning great incomes and having fun while doing it! Working their own schedules and setting their own time to their business.

What are direct sales companies?
These companies contract with individuals, like you, to sell their products or service. Selling their product or service usually entails selling throw person-to-person, through in-home parties, through their website or through avenues such as craft or home shows. You, the consultant (or distributor) receive commissions on the things you sell as well as average a commission or bonus from building your own team of consultants.

Some "Extras"
Besides commissions, usually averaging between 20% - 50% (sometimes higher), companies offer great incentives such as bonuses. Bonuses can include cash, jewelry, free products as well as trips. It is not unheard of either for companies to offer incentives multiple times per year and can also offer a car incentive! Yes, that's right - you could actually receive a car! Of course, that all depends on the structure of the company and how their incentive works.

Start Up Costs
Start up costs for companies vary. Some can be as little as nothing, and others can reach upwards of $300. Normally when you have start up costs it is associated with purchasing a "kit" of some sort which consist of products, business information and more. Be sure to check with the companies website or consultant when signing up so that there are no surprises. Don't be afraid of some start up costs. Receiving kits can be a positive start for a great business; after all you may need something to show off to customers or to have at a party to show!

If you like it, go for it!
Rule of thumb, if you like what they offer - go for it! If you love what you are apart of and love what you sell, you'll go far.


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